Anticipation 2007 Red Wine California

For a blend of varietals of undetermined origins, a tasty, if somewhat relatively pricey wine.

It's a clear, bright, ruby-violet wine with a pretty deep depth to it and with some definite structure to the wine too. Overall, it’s a rather pleasing blend of wines that will give you mouth a lively feel to it. There is definite strong berry notes to the wine for both your palette and nose as well as some decided, but not over the top, astringency and some rather well controlled tannins, giving this wine a very good balance and medium to perhaps long finish. A definite sipping wine, but could also be a dinner wine too. It's a wine that hits on many cylinders. If it were a bit cheaper, perhaps one of my favorites.

Red Wine
Napa Valley
Alcohol: 14.4% by volume
Closure: Natural Cork.