Kunde Zinfandel 2005

Notes from a recent wine tasting: Dry, but with some nice berry notes, with some good deep color. And a real cork if that's important to you.

And Silenus rates this one (when we could prop him up): C+

Grade: C+ Price: $17 Kunde Zinfandel 2005

Kunde '05 Zin

All due respect; 09-25-2009; This is a terrific wine - one of the smoothest, best balanced zins I've had for some time - and I love the stuff . . . . I say try it again! A+

Under Review.

Well, as it was a wine tasting with about 20 bottles to chose from, it's possible I got it muddled as to this review. I'll be happy to try again and give it another go.

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