Lorval 2005 Pinot Noir France

It’s a very nice Pinot. Good for lunches, maybe some light dinners or just sipping with a little breathing time beforehand.

It’s got a nice clear, bright ruby color with some nice depth and a bit of structure too.. There are some nice berry notes that follow through to your palette and some initial astringency that seems to fade in the first 10 minutes of opening the wine. It’s got a nice balance but not much of a finish. For the price it’s a really nice Pinot.

My favorite type of wine. Pleasant all around. Serve with a sharp cheese, a soft crusty bread, and a tender young maiden.


Grade: B Price: $5

Wine Reviewed:
Pinot Noir
Alcohol by volume: 12 percent.

8.99 for the huge

8.99 for the huge bottle.
Decent. Good value.

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