Magnus 2004 Riesling Clare Valley Australia

It’s an unusual Riesling from Australia, much more like a Chardonnay instead of a typical Riesling. Much better for a dinner instead of sipping, thanks to all that citrus taste. Be forewarned, it has a screw top cap. Its better not really well chilled (57 degrees).

The wine has a clear, bright but rather pale straw color without much wine structure. There are plenty of citrus notes, mostly grapefruit, with a clean, crisp taste. The citrus notes follow through to your palette, along with a metallic aftertaste, but only at the very end. This tends to spoil the balance and makes the finish linger far too long. Not bad enough to warrant an even lower grade, but not great either.

Grade: C- Price: $7

Clare Valley
Alcohol: 13% by Volume