Thunderbird White Wine California

What can be said that hasn’t been said already? By their own admission they label themselves “The American Classic”, but classic in what way? Is it a wine, or a quick route to a cheap buzz? I’m guessing the later. This one is definitely manufactured instead of lovingly crafted in a small boutique winery. In large letters they suggest serving this “wine” very cold. If your freezer can’t do the trick, might I suggest a couple of minutes in liquid nitrogen? The highly stylized bird on the front is faintly reminiscent of some better foreign Vodkas. And the handy screw top cap is a plus.

Well, it’s got a nice clear pale straw colour (thanks I’m sure to the judicious use of caramel colouring in the manufacturing process). It has a definite off taste and smell in part thanks to the alcohol boost. There’s some surprising sweetness there and a bit of citrus (again thanks to chemistry more than anything else). The extra alcohol will give the back of your throat a workout as it goes down and this will also throw off anything that looks like a balance or finish. If you’ve got to get drunk on something quickly, consider some chilled cheap Vodka. And I’ll be getting even with my editor for putting me up to this. My poor taste buds!

And two more notes:
a) This wine turns your tongue black, in case you didn't know....
b) This is a wine from the people of E&J Gallo winery, surprised? I was.

Grade: I won’t dignify this with a grade. Price: less than $3.

Wine Reviewed:

Thunderbird White Wine

Our Rating: 0
Grade: F
Price: $3

Parent Company: E & J Gallo Winery
Region: Modesto, California
Country: USA

Alcohol: 17.5% by volume
Bottle: 750 ml.
Closure: Screw Cap

Thunderbird Wine

This may not be a good drinking wine, but it is wonderful in cakes. I have used it for years baking a wine cake. I haven't been able to find it in the grocery stores. I have asked and have been told they no longer carry it. My daughter has asked me to bake her a wine cake for a dinner she is having. I have noidea what kind of wine would be similiar, I prefer this one because I know it maike a good cake.

Wine Cake

I would be be interested in the recipe only because I've not really heard of a wine cake. Thunderbird won't be found in most stores. But I've found it in Fiesta markets here in Texas. And perhaps Spec's Liquor. You might check liquor stores first but I'm not sure who really carries it. Make some calls, it will save you some time and distance.

And if you can't find it, some possible replacements: Citrus flavored Vodka, but you probably won't use quite as much as vodka is a higher alcohol content than Thunderbird, and really, don't buy anything expensive, or perhaps a pinot gris or a pinot grieso. Both tend to have citrus components if a little lower in the alcohol content. Let me know how it went and good luck.


i decided to give thunderbird

i decided to give thunderbird a try tonight for some reason (most likely the jingle). i am about halfway through my first glass and have a very strange buzz going on. it feels unlike anything i have ever tried. it doesn't taste good, but it does taste A LOT better than it smells. i have a feeling that i will be pouring most of this bottle down the drain.
i drink MD 2020 on a semi-regular basis. it really doesn't bother me. the taste could be better, but the hangovers are actually pretty mild compared to, say, high life. bum wines are plentiful here in new orleans, i guess thats why i've been experimenting lately.

FUCK cisco.....

OMG! You really drink Thunderbird?

Well you could go to the website:'s even a "B" in that list), but really there ARE better tasting wines for a cheap price. I should know, I've tried a bunch of them and have reported on them here no less.

For example, I'm currently drinking a (and I can't believe this) wine a Merlot from Martha Stewart that for $5 isn't bad. Another is a Merlot, from Grove Ridge also for $5.

There are decent wines out there, click one of the 'Best Wine Lists' (top-left) to help you find them. And yes, that is a shameless plug, but lordy, you deserve better wines!

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